Ann Kok

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Sony does pack a punch in recent years & has itself now quite a huge share of the pie in the commercial photography & videography industry.
Being a commercial photographer for more than 10 years, i’m used to medium format from Hasselblad & Mamiya & the likes of higher ends Nikons & Canon. And so I decide to try out a recent editorial video shoot last September with the Sony A7S camera when we went Batam, Indonesia for a shoot.
It was mostly overcast condition and thus gave me good chance to try out it’s high ISO shooting mode under daylight with a wide aperture.
Most of the shots were done hand held or with assistance of a glidecam. It is a really sweet camera for use considering it’s weight & mobility and although for stability wise, it is still rather small & difficult to achieve those smooth long movement shots, I think it opens up flexibility for a small crew production, and with just a speed booster, I am having fun suiting it up with it’s brothers(lenses) from another mum(Nikon).
I’ll be seeing more of you Sony.

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