We did a test shoot of a Muay Thai boxer practising his agile move and complemented with elements of water and high speed movement. The end result is absolutely stunning with the all new Profoto D2 1000airTTL.
 The Profoto D2 1000airTTL is one of the fastest and powerful monolight I have encountered in my 15 years as a commercial photographer. If you would like to “freeze movement”, whether it’s a product or human subject in high speed, this is definitely the lights that you must own. The quality is superb and the lights were able to capture sharp details of moving elements, bring about life to the water in this instance. What more can you ask for? With Power! Speed! Compact! The result is AMAZING!
Here is the specs:
With the ability to freeze action at up to 1/63,000 of a second, shoot bursts of 20 images per second and sync with camera shutter speeds as fast as 1/8,000 of a second, the D2 is redefining the definition of speed in monolights.
Here are some photos and video which we did using D2 1000AirTTL and Profoto Air Remote TTL -N For Nikon(D800E). Enjoy!
Photography by Edwin Tan (Lumina Photography)
Videography by Teck Lim (Lumina Photography)
Assisted by Mike and Eugene
Digital Imaging by Janice
Muay Thai Fighter : Ryan

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