photography by TECK LIM

Singapore is a country well protected from natural disaster & calamities. The recent haze in June 2013, caused by forest fire from neighboring country, Indonesia, has made me realize how small and helpless we are when faced with something of this magnitude.

A series of pictures were documented during this man-made natural phenomenal not seen in Singapore before - under a different light. 

Singapore has a tropical rainforest climate with no distinctive seasons. As a photographer, I marveled at the chance of capturing this somehow mysterious ‘new seascape’ caused by the haze. 

As I take a stroll along the beach after a record high Psi reading of 321the night before, the seascape once so familiar started whispering to me. I asked myself, does it take something drastic of a high level, that only when it affects you, make you realize what impact mankind has on the environment.

I never thought much about the environment we dwelled in. But I was drawn to these fleeting surrealistic seascape which gives me a sense of calm. 

Beauty comes with a price tag, and the air condition at some point were considered hazardous & I’m thankful that it only occur for a short period of few days. 

I couldn’t have resisted going out there to capture this fleeting moments as a photographer. Would you?

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